Composites Solutions is one of the most technical advanced manufacturers of personal protection equipment in the world. With more than 25 years of experience in the personal protection segment we became a globally respected and reliable supplier. We provide the most innovative personal protection equipment, which includes Body Armor, Ballistic Helmets, Insert Plates and Ballistic Shields. Composites Solutions supports its customers in every way thinkable from the initial design, prototyping and field-testing guidance.

Personal Protection


Composites Solutions sets new global standards for performance, flexibility and weights of all our body armor designs. We focus on the design and manufacturing of a wide range of ergonomic and unique body armor styles which exceed all expectations. Covert Vests, Overt Vests, Tactical Vests, Plate Carriers and Maritime Vests are only a few of our state-of-the-art portfolio. Composites Solutions utilizes the newest superior selection of materials available to guarantee the best possible protection combined with maximum comfort and mobility.

CS plate carrier tacticum wolf olive color 45

Personal Protection


Composites Solutions is one of the global leaders in respect to the design and manufacturing of insert plates for all international testing standards. We are able to include insert plates from level III-A up to level VPAM10 within our range of insert plates.

All our insert plate designs are subject to tailored adjustment in regard to overall dimensions, shape (SAPI Cut, Shooters Cut, Full Cut and Swimmers Cut), contour (single curved or multi curved) and finishing (Nylon or Polyurethane finishing). 

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Personal Protection


Composites Solutions provides an extensive range of helmet designs in regard to shapes and customizable equipment. All of our helmet designs can be upgraded with various equipment options such as different suspension choices, hook and loop fasteners, picatinny rails, diverse shroud designs, bungee cords and visor designs. All our helmet designs are lightweight and at the same time provide the highest possible protection against handgun threats and various fragment types.

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Personal Protection


Composites Solutions Ballistic Shields are designed and tested according to various standard levels at accredited and well respected testing laboratories. Through the years Composites Solutions put an intensive focus on developing premium quality and highly practicable ballistic shield designs. As a result of our ongoing R&D activities we are able to provide today an extensive range of ballistic shields in numerous dimensions, cuts and finishing options. All of our ballistic shields are subject to tailored adjustment to make them fit the required environment.

Tactical Ballistic Shield; Ballistic Shield Ambidextrous; Ballistic Shield Handle; Portable Ballistic Shield; Handheld Ballistic Shield; Ballistic Shield; Ballistic Shield Window; Ballistic Shield Handle; Ballistic Shield Trolley; Ballistic Shield Light; Bulletproof Shield;

Personal Protection


Composites Solutions provides a growing number of soft armor designs to meet the everchanging requirements by law enforcement agencies and military units around the world. Over the years we developed a wide range of certified soft armor designs able to protect against all international testing norms asking for bullet only protection only or combinations of bullet and stab protection. Additionally we are able to develop, design, certify and manufacture new soft armor design at any time.

Soft Armor; Bullet Proof Soft Armor; Stab Proof Soft Armor; Knife Proof Soft Armor; Level III A Soft Armor; NIJ Soft Armor; VPAM Soft Armor; CAST Soft Armor; Flexible Soft Armor;

Personal Protection

Demining Suit & EOD

Composites Solutions manufactures effective clearance of Anti-Personnel and Anti-Tank mines, disposal of Explosive Remnants and Improvised Explosive Devices to international standards. From Demning Apron to Ballistic Blankets, we offer a wide range of other protective gear designed to protect against a number of  fragment types for enhanced safety and performance.

Personal Protection


Composites Solutions’s Ballistic Blanket is dVacuum sealed with state-of-the-art equipment to protect against a number of low velocity handguns as well as fragment types. The Ballistic Blanket is Deployable quickly as portable and lightweight.

Demining; Demining & EOD; Demining Apron; Demining Suit; Aramid Blanket; Kevlar Blanket; Bullet Proof Blanket; Bomb Blanket; Blast Blanket; Bomb Blast Blanket;

Personal Protection

Ballistic Briefcase

Composites Solutions Ballistic Briefcase is designed to protect against a number of low velocity handguns. The Ballistic Briefcase is deployable within seconds and can be conveniently moved around in a carry bag appearing as a normal briefcase. The overlapping of all soft armor panels guarantees a continuous protection on the full area of the Ballistic Briefcase.

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Personal Protection


The Utility Pouches and Ammunition Pouches were developed to meet the growing needs of Military, Tactical Law Enforcement and Special Operations Forces who require an easy access without compromising on operational functionality. All our Utility Pouches and Ammunition Pouches can be attached to various webbing systems. The design and colour is customizable on request.

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The company Composites Solutions was founded in 2010 and offers with its team of experts more than 25 years of experience in the ballistic sector.
Composites Solutions is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.
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