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Indo Defence Expo 2024

Date : 06-09 NOV’2024

Schedule for 06-09 November 2024, as Composites Solutions sales team will showcase its newest range of body armor, ballistic helmets, modular plate carrier designs, insert plates as well as flexible and rigid ballistic shields at Indo Defence Expo & Forum in Jakarta.

Hosted by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia, Indo Defence Expo & Forum is a biennial tri-service defence technology and sales exhibition will take place on 4 days from 06 – 09 Nov 2024 in Jakarta.

Composites Solutions products serve the military and navy, police and law enforcement agencies and international security companies operating in the most harsh and hostile environments. We offer the full range and designs of body armor, helmets, ballistic shields and insert plates according to various international testing procedures such as the NIJ 0101.04 and NIJ 0101.06 standard.

Take this opportunity and write to us or schedule a meeting with our experts at the booth by using the button below..

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CS plate carrier tacticum wolf olive color 45

We focus on the design and manufacturing of a wide range of ergonomic and unique body armor styles which exceed all expectations…

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We are the global leaders in respect to the design and manufacturing of ballistic insert plates for all international testing standards…

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Composites Solutions provides an extensive range of helmet designs in regard to shapes and customizable equipment…


Our Ballistic Shields are designed and tested according to various standard levels at accredited and well-respected testing laboratories…

Soft Armor; Bullet Proof Soft Armor; Stab Proof Soft Armor; Knife Proof Soft Armor; Level III A Soft Armor; NIJ Soft Armor; VPAM Soft Armor; CAST Soft Armor; Flexible Soft Armor;

Over the years we developed a wide range of certified soft armor designs able to protect against combinations of bullet and stab protection…


Our EOD equipment at Composites Solutions is specifically engineered to safeguard lives and enable for the effective clearance…

Shield Leg Protection; Ballistic Shield Carry Bag; Ballistic Shield; Ballistic Briefcase; Blanket Protection; Flexible Shield; Flexible Armor Shield; Flexible Ballistic Shield; VIP Protection;

The overlapping of all soft armor panels guarantees a continuous protection against low velocity handguns on the full area of our Ballistic Briefcase…

Utility and Ammunition Pouches; Ammunition Pouches; utility Pouches; Special Operations Forces; Tactical Law Enforcement; Military;

All our Utility and Ammunition Pouches can be attached to various webbing systems, without compromising on operational functionality…



Composites-Solutions- Platform Protection for Land Systems; VEHICLE ARMORING; Spall Liner; NIJ Armor Panel; VPAM Armor Panel; PM2007 Armor Panel; BRV 2009 Armor Panels; APC Protection; Vehicle Armor; Add-on Armor; Modular Armor Kits; Mine Protection; Blast Protection;

Composites Solutions utilizes its extensive experience to manufacture highly advanced armour kits for civil as well as military vehicle platforms…


Composites-Solutions-CH Protection-for-NAVAL-SYSTEMS

Composites Solutions provides highly advanced solutions for armouring existing or new maritime platforms… 

Platform Protection for Airborne Systems; Cockpit Protection; Pilot Seat Protection; Floor Protection; Gunner Port Protection ; Helicopter Armor ; Internal Composite Armor ; External Composite Armor ; Armor Kits ; Modular Armor Kits;

Composites Solutions lightweight armour kits combined with required aero-grade attachment systems outperform today´s requirement…

Composites Solutions Europe Composites Solutions Malaysia Composites Solutions UAE Composites Solutions Dubai Composites Solutions USA
The company Composites Solutions was founded in 2010 and offers with its team of experts more than 25 years of experience in the ballistic sector.
Composites Solutions is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.
CS Composites Solutions AG
Schwanentelsstrasse 10a, 8212,
Neuhausen am Rheinfall,
Switzerland, Europe
CS Composites Solutions LLC
401 E. 8th St., Ste 214-3010,
Sioux Falls, SD 57103,
South Dakota, United States
CS Composites Solutions DWC LLC
Business Center Dubai World Central,
L3, Bld A3, Dubai South Business Park,
P. O. Box 390667, Dubai U.A.E.
CS Composites Solutions SDN BHD
No 167, Jalan S2 C6,
Green Technology Park, 70300 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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